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With Append Global, build your Business 

Email List to target a specific audience    

that shows signs of buyer intent. Widen   

your customer base and establish a long-  

lasting relationship with your prospects     



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Speed up your marketing and sales 

success with the Business Database 

1 Execute targeted Email marketing campaigns

A customized list to Personalize target campaigns. Avail our tailor-made Business Mailing List and get high returns.

2 Predict sales process

The Business Addresses List enables multi-channel campaigns and tracking of customer behavior. Using these metrics, businesses can track patterns and predict future sales.

3 Cross-sell and up-sell more effectively

With the help of our business email list, you can cross-sell and up-sell your products/services. This is also an effective way retain your customers.

4 Frequent data enhancement

Over time, data becomes stale and unresponsive. Updating your records often ensures that you’re reaching your audience


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Fact: 59% of B2B marketers agree that emails are one of the most effective 

channels to generate revenue.

 Pitch To Executives Directly From The Business Email Database

The Business Mailing List helps to expand your business globally. It enables you to pitch your proposals straight to top decision-makers. 

A qualified mailing list helps market your products & services to the following businesses and industries.

Financial Advisory Services

The demand for financial advisory services is increasing. Financial
Advisory Firms are looking for more clients from the business industry.

How Can B2B Email Lists Help Financial Advisory 


  • Expand your financial consulting services to newer market segments
  • Engage with high-value firms demanding financial advisory services
  • Increase your investment opportunities with reputed decision-makers

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services know that it is challenging for them to sell
commercial or industrial spaces to different organizations. B2B Data
can reduce their high-risk commitments.

How B2B Email Lists Benefit the Growth of Real Estate Services?

  • Diversify the business operations in your selected target market
  • Partners your online marketing campaigns involving selling or leasing properties
  • It assists in performing real estate market analysis for your new buyers

Business Consulting

The issues for different businesses are turning complex. Most

companies are looking upon the business consultancy firms as their
go-to persons for solutions.

How B2B Email list supports the growth of business consulting services?

  • Reaching out to businesses that look for the business consultancy services
  • Prepare strategies & solutions that meet the expectations of your company
  • Engage with firms that require customized & specific business consulting services

Market Research & Analysis

Companies are looking to crack the increasing market competition.
They want to increasingly engage with various firms involved in market
research and analysis services.

How B2B Email list facilitates the growth of Market Research and Analysis services?

  • Locate the decision-makers from various industries without any prior relationship
  • Prepare in advance the project-specific insights for your desired companies
  • Discover the trends of companies expecting to avail Market research services

Insurance Services

Data has multiplied opportunities for insurance service companies globally. Insurance companies have now started to explore more into B2B Data like never before.

How is the B2B Email list instrumental to the growth of Insurance services?

  • Contact larger and mid-sized companies that require insurance services
  • Identify and decide upon investing in profitable market segments
  • Create retention policies for your existing target customers

                       Business Email List Counts

With our 10 years of experience in the B2B Data sourcing field, we 

provide you with a top-notch Business Email List from across the 

world. This table points the availability of it from each country and in 

turn, help you in making an informed decision. You are just one step 

away from your prospective customers

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