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Data Appending 

Data Appending is a process that enables you to keep up with your contact 

list without compromising on the quality. Enrich your database to generate 

qualified leads and sail through your sales target with ease.


Start Appending Your Data

Enrich your database with relevant
contact information

Missing contact links in your existing database?

The solution to that lies in availing DataCaptive’s Data Appending services. With the correct contact details, we guarantee you with qualified leads and quick conversions.

From email ID’s to phone numbers and even the location of the company, DataCaptive updates you with the latest details.


Services that add massive value to your business

B2B Data


Events Data 


Reverse Appending

Website URL


Attendees list


Exhibitor List 


Data appending cycle

Appending your data frequently is the only way to make sure you
reach your target audience. One cannot stress enough about
the benefits of maintaining an authentic database.

The 5 steps to data appending

Data segmentation

The data is filtered based on requirements to build and maintain relevant customers. Segmenting your data helps establish a communicative channel directly to your customer base through targeted messaging. Not only does it allow you to analyze your current customer base but it also segments your incoming data.


Erase unresponsive data

Unresponsive data is deleted from your records permanently. This ensures that your marketing strategy is aimed only to the audience that is responsive and is interested in your line of service. Reaching out to an audience that is not your targeted customer base is not only a loss of your efforts but also decreases your output.


Update missing fields

Once the unresponsive data is deleted from your records, it now becomes easier to update the missing information in your existing database. An up-to–date database promotes your marketing strategy to buyer intent users.


Data Verification

To ensure that the data you receive is valid and authentic, it is verified manually by data scientists as well as through AI. We believe in quality and do our best to make sure your contact list reflects that.


Final Authentication

In the final stage, we ensure the data is authenticated to avoid breaching of data. Our data comes with great legal responsibilities and protects the misuse and exploitation of data.



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Why choose data appending?

Data appending not only updates your records and keeps the stale data away but also helps organize your data in a manner that is beneficial and easy to use. Through data appending you can create and run targeted campaigns with guaranteed leads and sales conversions.

Increase the retention of customers

Multiply salesopportunity by 10x

Reduce cost per lead by 20%

Directly communicate with your 

responsive audience

Cross-sell/Up-sell your other

Improve lead nurturing

Invest in our data appending services

Reap maximum benefits and enhance your output with DataCaptive™.

With over 10,000+ companies availing our data appending services, a huge profit margin was
achieved. With data appending, we ensure your reach to audiences with purchase intent thus
guaranteeing a high rate of returns.

Email Appending

A process of matching of customer data with vendors’ database to acquire Email addresses. 

Phone Appending

The process of verifying phone numbers that are in use and ensures a positive response. Cellular and landlines numbers are updated.

Full Contact Appending

Involves verification and upgrading of Business title, contact name, email address, industry code, SIC code, Zip Code and other relevant information.

Social Profile Appending

Upgrade information pertaining to customers’ social media profile aiding in broadening your customer base.

Armed with the right database, take your business to great heights! Unlock your business 

potential with Data Appending!