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Data driven sales is an integral strategy of 74% of all best in class marketers as reported by Forbes

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“To discover opportunities and find new avenues in trade and commerce confers more happiness to a individual than cuisine” – Anonymos

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Our Data Quality

Data Segmentation

It is Business critical to identify the closest target audience which provides the most conversion rate for sales. Our contact builder a
pplications support the simplest but powerful segmentation and filters.

   Machine Learning

Our Data collection and verification uses proprietary algorithms and regularly screen subscriptions and opt-ins for accuracy. Update your listing with us or add yourselves to our records to discover and be found.

       Data Validation

Statistics to show the percentage of moves and changes that impact data is to an average of 20%. We  understand this fact and have an innovative way of cleansing your data often.

Data Validation

Big data challenges are numerous and the most critical is the validity of the record vis some vis the Owner of the record and to prevent fraud or impersonation we regularly qualify all listings.

Data Privacy       

We take privacy seriously, all data records we hold are secure and access to it is controlled with strict policies and processes.
Privacy and Security Guidelines are strictly enforced.

Human verified

Our Researchers comb through multiple data sources and verify each record by personally contacting and verifying the listings. We believe it is our obsession to quality that sets us apart from every other Data provider.